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RocketTXT – System Upgrade Notification


RocketTXT – System Upgrade Notification

RocketTXT Online SMS Platform Upgrade Notification

More features. More functionality.
No more waiting.


You would have received information late December in relation to the upcoming change to your RocketTXT online messaging system. The new system has been built from the ground up, with a new interface and smarter database design which will enable faster queries and delivery of messages.

You won’t need to make changes or adjustments to any settings in Rocket – ALL MESSAGING FUNCTIONS WITHIN ROCKET WILL REMAIN THE SAME…ONLY THE RocketTXT website has been upgraded

Please take a moment to read through the following Q & A’s in relation the upcoming change. If you have any questions in relation to this change, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 1300 764 451 or email


Q:           When will the switch take place?
A:            The switch will take place at approximately 9.00pm (AEDST) Saturday 24 January 2015


Q:           Will there be an outage?
A:            No, both systems will be running concurrently during the switch


Q:           Will I have immediate access to the new RocketTXT online messaging system ?
A:            This is dependent on your Internet Provider – some users will be directed to new site immediately and others may take up to 24 hours (don’t worry if you are one of the slower ones as you will still be able to access and message from the current system)


Q:           Do I need to go to a new URL (web address)?
A:            No, you will use the same URL (web address) as you always have


Q:           Will my login details change?
A:            No, you will be able to log in the new system with your current username and password. If you can’t remember your details, please click on “Forgot Password” and your details will be sent to you


Q:           What will happen to my Contacts, Templates, Users, History etc?

A:            Your Contacts, Groups, Templates, Users and History will all be migrated from the old system. You may find that it could take up to 48 hours for some aspects of your data to be fully updated

Team RocketTXT

  • 20 Jan, 2015

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