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Follow the instructions below to get up and running

Create Your ROCKETTXT Account

1. Once you have reviewed the ROCKETTXT pricing, click on Apply Now to complete the Application Form.

2. Complete and submit

3. You will receive an automated email when your account is live. This generally happens within 24 hours

4. Your username and password is included in this email. Use these to access your ROCKETTXT account.

Update your ROCKET Settings

If you are running the ROCKET version released from July 2011 onward, you will be able to send ad-hoc SMS messages to customers from various screens within ROCKET in addition to the more traditional bulk format. You will need to update settings in the “External Interfaces” section of ROCKET.

For details, please click here.

Create your ROCKET Quicklink from ROCKET

Once created, the ROCKETTXT Quick Link will install a permanent link in the left hand panel of your ROCKET system. This means that you can click on this link from any screen in ROCKET and this will take you directly to your ROCKETTXT login screen.

This feature will install in seconds and requires no instructions. Click here to install.

Run your member clean-up routine

The Member Cleanup Routine allows you to run regular ROCKET system scans to find any members with a mobile number. Once scanned, the process will then allow you to move these members into a specific member category. Any members that do not have a mobile number will have a reminder automatically added to their member file prompting you to ask for their mobile number and place them into the specific SMS member category.

You can run this routine on a regular basis to maintain a clean member base. It is important that an exclusive SMS member category is well maintained to achieve optimum sending efficiencies for both overdue and marketing broadcasts. To download the Member Cleanup Routine, click here.

Update ROCKET Message ID

Your ROCKETTXT system allows for you to personalise messages with an option to create a unique “Message ID”. This means that every message delivered will feature this ID as the header.The message ID feature is available in Australia Only. New Zealand carriers place restrictions on message IDs which also restrict the ability to reply.

Instructions on how to make these settings changes are outlined in your welcome email or click here to view the ROCKETTXT User Guide.