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SMS quick, cheap, personal and high impact!


SMS quick, cheap, personal and high impact!

How many marketing tools are quick, cheap, personal and high impact? SMS is all of those.

Whether used as an alert system, prompt or simple notification medium, the immediacy and simplicity of SMS makes it one of the most effective and efficient marketing tools available.

70% of us keep our mobile phones close at all times; on our desk, in our pockets or handbags most of us will check our phones on average, every 15-20 minutes.The fact is, we take our mobile phones everywhere and feel lost without them, so the potential to connect to clients and prospects via SMS (regardless of location) is unrivalled by nearly any other marketing communication tool.

SMS also allows people to respond to your message immediately as opposed to waiting until they are sitting in front of their computer or trying to catch them between calls. An instant message will often prompt an instant response making it perfect for event reminders, confirmations and change notifications.

However, it’s important to remember that the immediacy and personal nature of mobile communication means that your message has to be relevant – people are always going to respond negatively to unwanted messages. Also, when sending SMS, ensure your message is sent at a time that will make the most impact – no matter how fascinating your message, people are unlikely to appreciate it first thing in the morning or last thing as night (see our article on “When is the best time to send SMS?”).


  • 20 Jun, 2014

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