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If you are having a problem logging in to the ROCKETTXT application, please check that you have entered your login details correctly. Your login details are case sensitive; hence, ensure that your Caps Lock is not on. If the system accepts your user details but is very slow or does not resolve or refresh, ensure that your Internet Explorer is version 7.0 or above.

To check your version, go to your internet browser menu and select:


If you need to upgrade, go to “Downloads & Trials” and Download your upgrade FREE OF CHARGE. If you are still experiencing difficulties, Contact ROCKETTXT support for assistance.

This is a routine that automatically finds and sorts all members with a mobile number. It also allows you to quickly and easily place these members into an exclusive SMS member category. See your Cleanup Routine Instructions for details and follow carefully.
The ROCKETTXT Quicklink is a routine that inserts a link into your ROCKET system, allowing for quick and easy access to ROCKETTXT.

If you are currently using “link 1″ for another application, the ROCKETTXT Quicklink will not install. You should delete “link1″ and re-install the ROCKETTXT Quicklink. You are then able to re-establish your other link to “link 2″. For assistance view our Quicklinks set-up instructions.

The ROCKETTXT is a built-in functionality that allows a user to send messages from various screens inside ROCKET. There are three types of message format that can be sent:

1. Ad-Hoc – Single messages to a member on an individual basis

2. Specific Task Messages – based on a certain event such as reservation now being available

3. Bulk SMS – directly from a ROCKET mailmerge to the ROCKETTXT website

To be able to fully take advantage of all of the above messaging features, you will need to be running ROCKET July 2011 onward. Settings need to be updated in ROCKET Administration > Modules > External Interfaces. For detailed instructions view the Rocket Integration Manual.

ROCKETTXT is specifically developed to allow you to create and manage templates for ROCKET SMS sending. This includes specific merge fields for Overdues, Marketing and Debt chasings. Remember to keep your templates within 160 characters!
Sending Ad-Hoc Messages from within ROCKET:

1. In either Bulk Returns, Chasings, Members, Transactions, Standard Returns, Reservations, Stock Receipts, Customer Orders you can Press CTRL+Z for Contact Member or choose from the Quick Help screen.

2. From there you can send from your choice of templates or type your own message

Sending Bulk Messages Option 1 (ROCKETTXT Interface Active):

1. Once you have generated your member report in Rocket, select the ROCKETTXT button at the top of your report screen.

2. If your ROCKETTXT Interface settings are correct, you will be immediately directed from ROCKET to the ROCKETTXT sending screen.

3. From there you will be able to select your template or type your own message

Sending Bulk Messages Option 2 (ROCKETTXT Interface NOT active)

1. Once you have generated your member report in ROCKET, ensure this has been saved as a MAILMERGE.

2. Click on the ROCKETTXT Quicklink or go to

3. Select RocketSMS from your SENDING menu.

4. Browse and select your saved member file.

5. Select your Rocket file type (Overdue, Marketing or Debt Merge) – Click NEXT

6. From there you will be able to select your template or type your own message.

Login to ROCKETTXT by entering your login detail at

To send a message, select Send SMS from the SMS Sending menu. Then follow the steps outlined below:

• Select an entry from your Contacts or manually type a mobile number(s) into the Enter Numbers field

• Type your message into the SMS Message text area of the screen. Messages are a maximum of 160 characters. ROCKETTXT will allow you to exceed 160 characters, but this will be sent as a second message. As you type your message, the Characters Count field will count characters and messages about to be sent.

• Click on the Send SMS button. Your message will be sent to the recipient you specified.

Recipients whose number is not in the contacts list can be manually typed in the Recipients field.

Due to the fact that most phones on the market today are able to receive more than 160 characters in one message, ROCKETTXT has been designed to allow you to send more than 160 characters if you choose. Due to parameters set by the carriers, any message exceeding 160 characters will be sent as two messages and any messages exceeding 320 characters will be sent as three message and so on. The recipient will however receive the multiple message as one extended message. The character counter below the Compose Message text area will clearly display the length of your message and how many credits required to send.
You cannot recall a message once you’ve clicked on the Send button. Therefore, carefully check the content and message before you send the message.
To view messages that you have sent previously login to ROCKETTXT through, select Reports from the Main Menu.
To schedule a message for later delivery, follow the steps outlined below:

• Compose your message in the normal way by entering the message recipients and the message text.

• Click on the Schedule Options button;

• Select the delivery date on the calendar;

• Enter the delivery time in the Hour and Minute fields;

• Click on the Save Schedule button;

• Click on the Schedule Campaign option of the dialogue check box after you have confirmed details.

The address book allows you to store the contact details of your employees or customers and provides you with easy access to your contacts when you are sending messages. Entries in your address book are sorted by Personal addresses or Global addresses. Address book entries may be stored as individual contacts or group contacts. Messages can be sent to any combination of individuals or groups in your address book.
To add an entry to your Contacts list, follow the steps outlined below:

• Select Contacts from the Main Menu;

• Select Create Contact

• Enter the first name, surname, mobile number and email address. The email address is optional;

• You can add this contact to a group, by selecting the group name from the Add to Group drop-down list;

• Click on the Save button.